Radisson Community


Dear Prospective Corporate Park Land Owner:

Join such companies as Anheuser Busch, Fluid Power Sales, McLane Northeast, Gypsum Express and Plumley Engineering ...

The Radisson Community is a planned unit development being developed by Empire State Development (ESD). The project was started in the early 1970's and has proved to be very successful in both the residential area and the Radisson Corporate Park.

The acreage in the corporate park offers a location where nature provides an unspoiled setting for firms that demand their corporate real estate reflect their products and services. The land is available for industrial uses including manufacturing, warehouse, or distribution. The Radisson residential area offers a variety of housing alternatives with a 3,000 acre playground to explore. There are 13 miles of walking/biking trails, a heated pool, tennis courts, a Robert Trent designed golf course, multiple parks and many other amenities.

The land prices depend on location, site size, and available site services. Prices generally start at $15,000 per acre, depending on a current appraisal. All land sales require ESD Directors approval and a 10% deposit upon contract execution. Depending on the site, archeological and wetland studies may need to be conducted and will be paid for by the seller. The Empire State Development office in Syracuse sees that site and building plans comply with the Radisson Controls, and the Town of Lysander is responsible for Site Plan Approval.

If you decide to purchase land in the Radisson Corporate Park you will become a Class C member of the Radisson Community Association (RCA), the homeowners association, and pay assessments based on the square footage of your facility.

We thank you for your interest in the Radisson Corporate Park. Should you have questions or are interested in land in the park please call (315) 425-9110. More information is available at the Radisson websites. http://www.radisson.esd.ny.gov and http://www.radissoncommunity.org

Empire State Development
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